Renting a car may be necessary if you want to take your own leisurely time enjoying a holiday destination when you are on a leisure trip. On the other hand on a business trip, you may want to keep your schedule in your control and hence rent a car to travel from one place to another. Nowadays many people who rent cars are complaining about the car rental companies’ attempts to rip them off. Then again there are the long queues at the airports, aggressive marketing tactics employed by the staff of the car rental company and much more that happens when you try to rent a car.

The major cause of the dispute is the cost of the additional insurance that waives the excess fees if the car is damaged while you are driving it. Then again there are the fuel charges, cost of additional drivers, children’s seats and so on. Let us look at how you can overcome all these hassles and still save money on your car rentals.

Car Companies

Most car companies when asked about their obnoxious behaviour present the excuse that they have to resort to these tactics to make money due to the tough competition.

Hiring Car's

In earlier days it used to be a simple matter of signing a contract taking the keys and driving off. Instead of hiring a car seems to have become a battle of wills at the hire desk.

Car Rent

It becomes difficult to get sight of the agreement paper because often the car companies ask you to sign the paper online on a screen without showing you the agreement.

The Business Model Has Turned Crazy

 Only after you have signed the paper do you get to see the terms of the agreement? There are many such tactics that car rental companies use to rip off customers.

Let us look at some of the key factors that have become part and parcel of renting a car and a checklist to make sure that you don’t get caught in the net.

Full To Empty Fuel Policy

Some companies provide you with no choice with this, and it is their little way of making you pay in advance for a full tank of fuel and return the car as empty as you dare to. This is a nice and easy way for the rental companies to earn extra money because the companies charge almost twice the price of fuel than it would cost at the pump and you don’t get to use all the fuel because you don’t need it. Instead, opt for the good companies which offer you the full to full policy although this may increase the rental cost a little.